Craft Services for Film & Production

Craft Services

Not only is our food delicious, we are the perfect fit for film production craft services. We offer both full service and drop & go options and can deliver your food on set with just 48 hours notice.

Charging on a per person basis, we offer a variety of plans that can accommodate every price range.

We also offer catering for film sets, made to your cast and crew’s dietary needs.

Our Clients Include

Barry Fink Productions, J.C. Pennys

David Copperfield Productions, David Copperfield

The Watcher, Paramount Pictures

Peterman/Moss, Sears

On Scene Productions, Don King

Cirque Du Soleil, Anniversary

The Jonathan Group

Beyond Productions, Beyond Desire (Mr. Sinelli)

Playboy Inc, Centerfold

Yamaha Corporation Of America, Motorcycles

Production Group International, MCI
Greg Sills Productions, Sinbads New Year Bash
Baron Enterprises, Anniversary
Deathrow Enterprises, Sugi Knight
Mega Cult A.G. (Camel Cigarettes), Tecno Concert (4000+people)
Pepsi S.A.
Greg Sills Productions, Siegfried & Roy
Surreal Life & Fame Games, 51 Minds Productions
The Movie 21, Columbia Pictures
VH1 Divas Concerts, VH1

1 Chips

2 Oat & Honey bars & Energy Bars

3 Triscuit Crackers

4 Salsa & Chips + Hummis (assorted varieties)+ Bean Dips+ Assorted Sandwiches during Lunch and After

5 Orange juice

6 Apple juice

7 Cranberry juice

8 Donuts

9 Donut holes

10 Cinnamon Rolls

11 Danish

12 Cheerios

13 Coco Puffs

14 Frosted Flakes

15 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

16 Red Vines

17 Mints

18 Spearmint

19 Wrigley

20 M & M Plain

21 M & M Peanut

22 Hot Tamales

23 Runts

24 Mikes & Ikes

25 Kissables

26 Bread – white –wheat- bagels, pita pockets ect

27 Grape Jelly

28 Strawberry preserves

29 Coffee

30 Teas (assorted) including iced teas

31 Peanut Butter

32 Cream cheese

33 Hershey Chocolates

34 Gummy Bears

35 Skittles

36 Playtime

37 Suckers

38 Tang

39 Hot Chocolate

40 Milk

41 Half & Half

42 French Vanilla

43 Licorice

44 Mixed Nuts

45 Trail Mix

46 Lifesavers

47 Boston Beans

48 Runts

49 Popcorn

50 Bagels

51 English Muffins

52 Cheese

53 Oranges

54 Bananas

55 Red Apples

56 Green Apples

57 Grapes

58 Strawberries

59 In-shell Peanuts

60 Lemon Heads

61 Pretzels

62 Atomic Balls

63 Bubble gum

64 Water – Sodas

65 Cake


3185 S. Highland Drive Suite 1
Las Vegas NV, Nevada 89109

Main Office
(702) 269-6157

Chef Maurice
(702) 210-9715

Direct Sales
(702) 793-1461

(702) 625-0789


Diamond Events is a full-service event catering company and event planning company based in the Las Vegas area for over 20 years. 

From drop-off delivery, buffets to sit-downs Diamond Events offers everything from menu and event planning to coordination, consultation, liquor license, bartending, and venues for your special celebration, in your home, office, school, church, or venue of your choice. We have a vast network of suppliers for your every need and would love to plan your event from the invitation to clean-up.  


Diamond Events offers the corporate and private community a full range of Special Event Production, Coordination, and Management Services for you to choose from small packages, specialized gifts, lunch boxes to the full-service banquet hall and private residence service.

References available upon request.

Some of our clients include

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